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Having had a few students in recent weeks come and pass their PADI Rescue Diver Course here at Buccaneer Diving I thought it would make a suitable blog post.

Go ahead and ask any PADI professional and each will tell you that the PADI Rescue Diver Course was the best. It instills a new confidence in you and you feel prepared for most scuba diving emergencies.

Throughout the course you go through informative theory and practice (over and over) drills in rescuing tired dives, unresponsive divers both under water and on the surface, dealing with stings from aquatic life, exiting a patient onto a boat and onto the shore – the list is endless. My favorite task and probably a skill used the most was dealing with a panicked diver, how to spot signs of panic, what can exacerbate the situation, how best to approach and neutralize the situation more importantly how to keep your self safe.

It’s amazing the way this course changes the way you view a dive as well as other scuba divers and I would encourage any diver at any level to try and progress this far!

Creature Feature “Sea Horse”

Sea horses are truly amazing and not only because of their shape but did you know that unlike most other fish they’re monogamous and mate for life, they’re also among the only species on Earth where the male bears the unborn young!

They vary in size from 0.6 and 14” and can live up to 5 years in the wild.

They’re shape prohibits them from being able to swim well and many can die from exhaustion when they are caught in stormy waters.

Thankfully they have found themselves a safe and protected haven within our lagoon here in Paje.