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This rays beautiful blue spots are warning signs to other sea creatures telling them its poisonous and can cause harm if messed with!

This rays beautiful blue spots are warning signs to other sea creatures telling them its poisonous and can cause harm if messed with! They can reach up to 28 inches in length with their tail being roughly 1 1/2 times the size of its body. The blue spotted sting ray is considered very shy and would usually swim away when approached by humans. It’s safe to say we seem them on almost ALL of our dives and even have a dive site names after them ‘Sting Ray City’


We’re so happy to announce we’ve been achieved PADI Career Development Centre status! Just one more reason to come and dive with us!!!

Meet Wycliffe!

Wycliffe is the manager at Buccaneer Diving Paje and we thought it would be great for you to get to know him before you arrive!

Wycliffe where are you from?

I was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya

When did you first dive and how many dives have you done?

March 2009 in Mombasa. 2000 give or take a few.

What’s the best thing about Scuba Diving?

It’s like yoga! You just need to be underwater and relax.

What’s your favorite marine creature?

I love the honeycomb moray eel because it’s beautiful and I like honey. Either that or the cuttle fish which have incredible colours at night and seeing them move backwards is intriguing.

Why did you become a PADI dive instructor?

I was employed originally as an accountant but I felt I needed to understand the industry better and the only way was to try it. Once I did it brought me a serious addiction.

What is your favorite PADI course to teach?

The PADI Dive Master course because you gt more contact with the students and have more time to really become a mentor.

Do you have any dives that really stand out?

I love diving at Powoni Hill or Napoleon Wall but the one that really stands out is The Blue Wall in Dongwe, Zanzibar. We saw 2 hawksbill turtles, 4 huge moray eels and massive giant stingray amongst schools of barracuda.

Where in the world would you most like to dive?

Other than Zanzibar? I would love to dive the sardine run and see large numbers of sharks in one place

Meet Wycliffe!

Did you know that we’ve just opened a Buccaneer Diving center in Kizimkazi? Well you do now! Kizimkazi is a small fishin village 1-hour drive south from us in Paje with not only sensational dive sites but almost guaranteed dolphin spots!
On top of this we organize regular trips to Mnemba Atol where the protected marine reserve to the north east of Zanzibar where we regularly see white tipped reef sharks!
All of this along side our beautiful dive sites here in Paje make for an exciting and varied few days!